Collect your digital receipt and loyalty points

Get ready with your mobile phone or EZ-Link/Flashpay card?
STEP 1: Tap your mobile phone or EZ-Link/Flashpay card on the Tapi device at the cash counter.
A short "beep" sound notifies success.
3 consecutive "beep" sounds signal an error, simply adjust your phone/card position and re-tap :-)
When tapping your EZ-link/Flashpay card, please take the card out and tap rather than tapping your wallet.
oops! OR oops!

STEP 2: Receive your digital receipt or loyalty points right away.
If you tap your EZ-link/Flashpay card, you will receive a notification that a new receipt is available. Meanwhile, loyalty points will be creditted to your account according to rules pre-defined by merchants.

If you tap your NFC-enabled mobile, the receipt will pop up on the screen. Loyalty points will be credited to your account as well.

oops!      oops!