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  • Bring you and your customers closer

    Engage customers more with deeper understanding, better services, and timely feedbacks

  • Membership Program

    Launch an e-membership program easily and cardlessly, reward your loyal customers

    loyalty program
  • Promotions and Deals

    Get more users know your new products, deals, and promotions immediately

An All-In-One Package to Increase Customer Retention

Tapidata helps you to understand, engage, and serve your customers better to drive more traffic to your stores effectively.

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Know your customers

Tapidata provides cloud-based and business-intelligent reports for your stores, helping you view, access, and evaluate at any time any where.

Retain your customers

With each dollar spent in your store, credit your customers with redeemable loyalty points. Track your most loyal advocates and reward them with offers and gifts.

Attract new customers

Reach more new customers through Tapidata mobile app or the web, and target your desired audience.


  • E-membership

    • Large member base
    • Being cardless
    • Easy management
  • Coupon Distribution

    • Create and launch easily
    • Automatic and fast distribution
    • Large coverage
  • Analytical Services

    • Easy to manage and compare
    • Discover interesting patterns
    • Make wiser solutions
  • Exposure to More

    • Meet customers needs
    • Find you and your product easily
    • Attract more new customers


Start faster

Faster and easier deployment.

Grow faster

Easier management across stores.

Easy and friendly

Always being user friendly.

Lower cost

Reduce cost of printing and flyer distribution.

Boost sales

Increase customer retention and boost sales.

Go green

We care for our evironment.