Tapi Data Solutions (“Tapidata”) was found in 2013 under full support of National University of Singapore (NUS) and Media Development Authority (MDA). Tapidata specializes in developing customer insights through an innovative mobile digital receipt solution. It helps business issue digital instead of paper receipts to customers, through which businesses can profile its customers’ purchasing pattern and perform end-to-end customer data analytics to understand and engage their customers better.

Meet Our Team

    Zhenwei Zhao Chief Technology Officer / CTO

    received his B.Comp. Degree (First Class Honours) from National University of Singapore as the second best graduate throughout the course of study in 2009, and received his Ph.D degree from NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering in 2014. His expertise covers distributed/cloud computing, network security, multimedia systems, P2P streaming systems, and performance modelling. He has 7 publications in international conferences and journals. He has also been recognized a number of times for his good academic performance and research excellence. He is a winner of the Tata Consultancy Services Asia Pacific gold medal and prize, the School of Computing research achievement award, the NUS innovation and entrepreneurship practicum grant, and several scholarships. Zhenwei now serves as the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Tapi Data Solutions Pte Ltd. He takes charge of the technology development.

    Zhonghua Li Chief Information Officer / CIO

    received her B.S. degree in Computer Science from Northwestern Polytechnic University as an Excellent Graduate of Shaanxi Province, China, in 2008. She then joined the School of Computing of National University of Singapore and obtained her Ph.D. degree in multimedia information retrieval in 2013. She specializes in improving the effectiveness of information retrieval and recommendation by leveraging multiple data resources or modalities (e.g., text, audio). She also considers user factors and contexts in the retrieval or recommendation process to achieve relevant and personalized results. Her expertise also covers machine learning, data mining, and pattern recognition to discover interesting rules or patterns among the big data for better data management, organization, and event prediction. She has 8 publications published on the International ACM multimedia conference and IEEE transactions. She is also a reviewer of the ISMIR conference. She has been granted with National Scholarship China (first class), Huawei scholarship (first class), Mathematical Modeling Contest (first class) for a number of times, and the School of Computing research achievement award. Zhonghua is now the Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Tapi Data Solutions Pte Ltd. She takes charge of data analysis and personalization solutions.

    Renee Tan Chief Strategy Officer / CSO

    was a General Manager at Terrapinn Pte Ltd in Asia. She was responsible for business growth, profit and loss accountability, business planning, budgeting, business development, conference production, operations, marketing and team training. She was engaged with industry leaders in sectors which she managed such as Life Sciences, Healthcare, Mining, Energy, Supply Chain and Logistics, Digital Manufacturing, Hedge Funds, Private Banking, and Financial Crime. She was with Terrapinn for almost 5 years, holding several positions, from a Conference Manager to a Project Director before becoming a General Manager. She is highly involved in community service and is currently serving the Neighbourhood Committee for the second term as the Chairperson. She holds a Double Major in Psychology and Marketing at the Singapore Management University which she graduated from in 2010. Renee is now the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Tapi Data Solutions Pte Ltd. She is involved in business operations, development and strategies, collaborations, marketing, and customer engagement.

Our Advisors

  • Paul Choo Advisor

    Director at UOB Asia Investment Partners...

  • Kris Childress Advisor

    Advisor to Emerging Businesses...