• Allows you to track your spending

    Know where your money goes...

  • iPad

    Analyze and discover

    Discover your purchasing habits and find desired products...

  • Stay organized

    Manage your receipts, member cards anytime, anywhere...

  • Download and Install TapiWallet

    Your mobile solution with Tapidata...


Tap and Go

Easy and Secure...

Go Green

Paperless and Organized...

All in One

Receipts, Membership Cards, and Deals...

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Step 1

Use card or install mobile app.

Step 2

Get your e-receipt and loyalty points.

Step 3

Redeem loyalty points for gifts.

Collect Receipts and Loyalty Points in One Tap

With a single tap, collect e-receipts and accumulate loyalty points. Say goodbye to paper receipts and lots of member cards.

Track Your Expenditures

Helps you to track expenditures and understand more about your purchasing behaviors.

Browse Favorite Deals and Promotions

Discover and receive promos/deals that you like.

Search for Products

Find where your desired products are located.